Creating Healthy Movement Habits

A comprehensive Assessment, and an integrative approach to
Corrective Exercise & Soft Tissue Sports Massage

A Comprehensive Assessment, and an integrative approach to
Corrective Exercise & Soft Tissue Sports Massage

We are a physical rehabilitation clinic with corrective exercise and soft-tissue massage treatments 

for physical pain without the use of surgery or medication.

Our mission is to get you moving without pain or limitations to live the life you love! 

We call It macroPT because,
Movement Matters

macroPT - FrontDoor 2023

Your Journey Begins Here

All programs start with a one-hour full-body assessment that includes 100+ different movement tests and measurements to identify all the body’s weaker, tighter, more limited, and compromised movement patterns. 

This begins your journey to comprehend your body’s pain and discomfort signals in your movement patterns.

Full-Body Initial Assessment:  $165
(Includes daily practices home exercise program.)

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Soft Tissue Sports Massage

Soft Tissue
Sports Massage

Over the past 27 years, we have developed a unique form of tissue therapy that works with our corrective exercise programs for complete physical rehabilitation. Your initial assessment will identify acute pain, inflammation, and scar tissue. 

Our soft tissue manipulation style is an integrative massage focusing on tissue health. This therapy will reduce the physical stress your body endures daily.

1-Hour Sports Tissue Massage:  $110


Corrective Exercise

Once your Initial Assessment has been analyzed, we custom-build your treatment program, focusing on specific, functional movements incorporating the whole body with practical strength training exercises designed to focus on your “weak links,” because your strengths will always be your strengths. 

A renewed sense of health and awareness will allow you to experience the fulfillment of living the life you love.

1-Hour Corrective Exercise Session:  $90

Daily Practice
Home Exercise

Once you complete your corrective exercise program, you will learn the distinctions of your specific movements. Then we will give you a laminated color copy of proactive maintenance exercises designed for you to practice at home.

We custom-design your daily practice home program, focusing on sustaining movement in specific areas to boost blood flow and increase function in your body.

Home Exercise Program is included with the Initial Assessment

Package Pricing Options to Save

macro Silver

 10-Treatments Package: $1,000
(60 mins per treatment)

macro Gold

20-Treatments Package: $1,800
(60 mins per treatment)


10-Virtual Sessions Package: $1,000
(60 mins each session)

Autopay 12-Month Contracts

Macro Essentials Monthly Program
2-hours:   $180
Macro Way of Life Monthly Program
4-hours:   $360
Macro Elite Monthly Program
8-hours:   $680

Macro Essentials-Monthly Program 2-hours:   $180
Macro Way of Life-Monthly Program 4-hours:   $360
           Macro Elite-Monthly Program 8-hours:   $680

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