About macroPT

We practice an integrated, holistic approach to medicine and physical rehabilitation.

What does integrated and holistic mean?

We treat the whole body, the whole person, not just a part of the body or just a symptom, utilizing the best approaches and tools for each person. There is no “one-size-fits-all” at our facility. Every program you participate in will address your specific concerns and needs. We understand while the symptoms are important and are showing up in areas that affect us daily, the cause usually stems from other places in the body.

Our assessments define the problem areas. During the process, we connect our patients to the habits that contribute to their imbalances and support them in creating new, healthier, and more supportive practices to facilitate a more swift and efficient recovery. 

Our patients are from Phoenix and out of state by virtual appointments.  This ensures everyone is enjoying life to the fullest, and fulfill what matters most to them.  

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