Corrective Exercise

We Like To MOVE

The MOVE portion of macroPT provides the ergonomic data needed to tailor a program to the whole individual.  This is unlike the run of the mill personal training session with a physical trainer or personal fitness trainer.

All programs start with a full-body assessment of 100+ different movement tests to reveal the weaker, tighter, and compromised movement patterns. We will find the source of any pain and dysfunction with these tests and address them, over time, by guiding you through the recommended protocols so the home exercise program can bring your best health to the surface again.

Every 4-6 weeks, or if any major changes occur, another assessment is scheduled and we track your progress while making adjustments to your program to help you simply feel better.

Small Steps To Big Strides

Initial Assessment

All programs start with a full-body assessment that includes 100+ different movement tests to determine all of the bodies’ weaker, tighter, more limited, and compromised movement patterns. 

corrective exercise

Once your assessment has been analyzed and completed, we focus on specific, functional movements incorporating the whole body with practical strength training exercises.

Home Daily Practices

Once you complete your corrective exercise program, you will learn the distinctions of your specific movements. Then we will give you a laminated color copy of proactive maintenance exercises designed for you to practice at home.

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